Why NC Viewer Technology is Important for Manufacturing Industries?

With the advent of technology, various sorts of software and machining solutions have engineered to create productivity. Especially we have NC Viewer which is majorly used as a part of the shop floor and separate programming divisions.

NC system software is usually used by NC machines to make the operations inside the machine. It can be stated that the NC tool path viewer is the major element that rules the kind of activity performances of the machine. This software is specially designed to define how the machine designs, cuts and operates the work.

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Numerical Control (NC) viewer and their advantages:

Usually, NC files are made in a CAD-system utilized for structuring and producing components. It contains numerical control guidelines for coordinating a machining instrument, for example, a drill, during manufacturing. NC is a noteworthy development in machining and is an immense improvement over non-PC type machining that requires manual control, by hand wheels or levers, or mechanical control by fabricated pattern guides (cams).

NC technology is undoubtedly the most useful product that enables machine operators to load, evaluate and replicate CAM programs before running them on the factory. It offers more in-depth data that removes interruptions once the program is ready for action.

NC Viewer can be utilized to open the NC documents to have a 3D view, verify and manager of the position graphically. So, it is the finest communication tool between outline and manufacture, to confirm the precise content and looks of the NC document.

Moreover, NC Viewer can be used in various applications such as drafting, assembly, scrutiny, sheet metal working, etc. and especially, for different metal machining forms like turning, drilling, molding and so forth.


  • Present and reproduce tool paths
  • Exhibit stock condition before and after every activity
  • Execute machine reproduction and collision checking
  • Paperless Work

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